2018/8/18/: Events News

Online Symposium
"Problems of Reconciliation in the Modern World"
14:00-18:00、27 September, 2020,

2018/10/08/: Events News

Solidarity with Indigenous Poeples'
Struggle Against Natural and Man-Made Disasters
A Philippines/Japan Seminar Welcomimg CPA Chair Widel Bolinget
Co-Sponsored by IMADR and Citizens'
Diplomatic Centre for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
18:00-20:30、17 October, 2018,
IMADR, Matsumoto Jiichiro Memorial House, 1-7-1, Irifune, Toyo.

2017/10/18/: "World Peace 7" show off.

As member of "World Peace 7", The appeal to "This month's words:Do not prepare for the Second Korean War, forgetting the Armistice Agreement of the Korean War" is expressed.

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